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Hello! I’m Victoria Gallagher, The Law of Attraction Hypnotist. I’ve been teaching people about Visualization and Self-Hypnosis for the past 21 years.

I created this Self-Hypnosis Step-by-Step Video Training Course to help YOU to understand how to use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind to help you Change Limiting Unconsciously Held Beliefs that have been getting in your way of achieving what you really want in life.

 Let me show you how to get your Subconscious Mind on YOUR side, so you can create better results in your life!
This FREE Self-Hypnosis Online Training is Limited so act now!
What You Will Learn In This FREE Online Training:
Step 1: Set Powerful Goals
Ask yourself, what do you want to gain from yourself when you enroll in our training? Learn an effective way to set a goal.
Step 2: Learn Self-Hypnosis
Learn what hypnosis is and what it is not. Gain a clear understanding of the commonly used terms in hypnosis.
Step 3: Subconscious Mind
Let’s talk about how your mind works! Learn the functions of your Conscious mind and your Subconscious mind.
Step 4: Go into a Trance
Do you know how to determine when you are hypnotized? Do you need to go “deep”? You’ll learn how in this step.
Step 5: Relaxation Breathing
Learn the proper way to breathe.  Proper breathing helps you relax and enhances your overall hypnotic experience.
Step 6: How to Visualize
Learn HOW to visualize and improve your skills. This is one of the MOST important steps.
Step 7: Auto-Suggestions
You must say the right thing to your subconscious. Discover the correct way to create powerful hypnotic suggestions.
Step 8: Putting it all Together
Review the previous steps and put your own self-hypnosis routine together, to do it one time through.
Step 9: Advanced Training
You’ll now have an opportunity to unlock your true, unlimited potential and a breakthrough in all areas of your life!
This FREE Self-Hypnosis Online Training is Limited so act now!

Here’s What Our Students Say About This Course:

Heard Your Voice - Went into BLISS!

"I took the free course and found the Free Inner Peace MP3 file – thanks. I listened twice and both times entered a trance, heard your voice, but went into BLISS. Look forward to finish the course, did my first home work very diligently. I will probably take your 25% offer on the products."
-Helge Sundar

I Will be Honored to Say I was Your Student.

Thanks again! I REALLY appreciate your teachings; I will be honored to say i was a student of yours; I have tried and tested many a hypnotists over the past months, really, honestly, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!. you are a phenomenal talent, and i just wanted to take a moment to God bless you for all the good you are doing.
-Mike George

Profoundly and Pleasantly Surprised!

"Just wanted to let you know I listened to the MP3 file on the introductory course and was profoundly and pleasantly surprised to its effectiveness. Very powerful material that relaxed me to a state that I have not experienced in many, many years. I look forward to using your services much more. Thanks very much,"
-Greg Karson

Your Course is Helping Me a Lot!

"Dear Victoria Gallagher: Thank you for the course. I have practiced meditation for 3 years now and have read many books. I never had the experience I had with your self hypnosis course. You opened a door for me I have tried to open for a long time, I am a very persistent person and I always believe that I can find same thing to help me in my needs, and I found you Thanks again for your course that is helping me a lot."
-Maria Turrin Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

One of the BEST Days of My Life!

"The day I discovered you must be one of the BEST days of my life! I have your course in my favorites."
-Glenice Mojel

It's Very Educational!

"Hello Victoria: Thank you for the course. It’s very educational and is helping me more to appreciate the audios. I have and get the best from them. Thank you."

It's Amazing!

"Dear Victoria, Thank you for your beautiful course. It is amazing! I have also ordered some recordings from your website. I just like the way you present your ideas and how you can make sophisticated concepts about the brain so simple. Well done. I’m looking forward to learning more from you. With love and respect,"
-Shahnaz, Educational Consultant - Bahrain

I'm So Filled With Joy!

"Dear Victoria, Greetings from the depths of my heart. I’m so filled with joy and appreciation for the 8 days course on self hypnosis which you gave me the privilege to enjoy. I hope to acquire the other materials for further enhancement of my person though as I speak now the finances are not available, but self hypnosis has helped to transcend my life from a life of desires to a life of actualization. Thank you indeed."
-Akumoyanate Onungo

I Am So Grateful For This Course!

"Hi There Victoria, WOW! the recordings are just awesome! Also I am so grateful for the Course that you so graciously provided for self improvement. I am already, in advance, celebrating my wonderful new life for which I thank you again. Kindest Regards"
-Sharron Baker

I Only Regret Not Starting This Sooner!

"Hello I am sorry I just started this e course and I really regret not starting it sooner the first one was very motivating to get me going, However I am doing them now. I really thank you. Also I do think I will be purchasing the Amazing Brain Training I just want to do this course you are sending first. Thank you very very much."
-Ozzie Andreatta
 You Will Also Receive Two Special Bonuses
Bonus #1 - Inner Peace Hypnosis Mp3 - Valued at $29.00
Victoria's soothing voice will help you find Inner Peace.  As you listen to this program on a daily basis you gain peace within yourself. Naturally and easily, you'll find that you slip into a state of deep relaxation, making it possible for you to achieve inner peace, even if you've been feeling anxious, worried fearful, or overwhelmed. Your subconscious mind will help you to find deeply profound inner peace.
Bonus #2 - Student Discount Code for 30% Off - Unlimited Value
After you enroll in this Free Self-Hypnosis Online Video Training Course, you will also receive an email with a SELF-HYPNOSIS STUDENT DISCOUNT PROMO CODE which is good for 30% off any order you place at Hyptalk.com, during the 8 Days of Self-Hypnosis Training.  This code works on any product and is good for as many products as you place into your shopping cart, so the value of this bonus is limitless.  
This FREE Self-Hypnosis Online Training is Limited so act now!
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